Seoul Airport Transportation


At Seoul airport there are a lot of different bus lines that provides service and connects Seoul airport with different areas through the country. Most of the buses depart from the 1st Floor of the building, in the arrivals area. From the 3rd floor of Seoul airport there are some bus lines that depart to different destinations as well. The areas that the bus line cover are the following ones:

- Incheon

- Gyeongsang

- Chungcheong

- Gangwon

- Jeonra

- Gyeonggi

- Seoul - North

- Seoul - South

- Seoul - East

- Seoul - West

- Jeonra


There are four types of buses that operate from the airport:

- Local City Bus

- Cross-country

- Limousine - Standard

- Limousine - Deluxe


Please, make sure which direction do you have to take to pick up the correct bus. It is recommended to pay attention to the details information provided at the airport or ask to an employee to know which bus do you need to pick-up from Seoul airport or to come back.


Airport Express - AREX

Also named as AREX.

It departs from the airport Railroad Station and after runs to B1 or second floor of Transportation Center, 3rd floor of Passenger Terminal and the Check-in Counters.

The last stop when arriving at the airport is the Railroad Station as well.


There are two types of trains:

- Express and All-stop. Express travel journey: 45 minutes. Runs from Incheon airport to Seoul Station directly.

- All-stop travel journey: 55-60 minutes. It stops at various transfer stations.



- Seoul Incheon Airport - Cargo Terminal - Unseo - Cheogna Int’l City - Geornam - Gyeyang - Gimpo Int’l Airport - Digital Media City - Hongik. University - Gongdeok - Seoul Station.


Fares to go to Seoul Station with the Alls-stop is about KRW 4,150 (adults). With the Express train is KRW 8,000 (children: KRW 6,900). Fare is for a T-money card. One time use card needs an additional fare of KRW 100.


There is an additional deposit of KRW 500 when passengers use one time used card. The deposit will be refund at the destination station of the passenger.


Rail - Korea Train Express (KTX)

It is a high speed rail express train that connects Incheon Airport to Seoul, Daejeon, Busan, Daegu, Mokpo, Yeosu, among other cities.

It is necessary to book in advance the ticket.


There are various lines and routes:

- Gyungbu Line - To Busan.

- Honam Line - to Gwangju.

- Jeonra Line - to Yeosu.

- Gyongjun Line - to Daejeon.


Depending of the time of departing, the train number change. It is recommended to get information from the official site KTX



- To Seoul Station - KRW 12,500

- To Yongsan Station - KRW 12,800


Maglev (Magnetic Levitation)

Opened in 2016, it has 6 km long (with six stations) and runs from Seoul airport to Yongyu station, where connections can be made to AREX train to Gimpo airport and the Seoul Subway.


Route: Incheon airport - Long-Term Parking - Administration Complex - International Busienss Center - Water Park - Yongyu Station.

Number of stops: 6

Fee: The service is for free to all passengers.

Travel time: 12-14 minutes.

Every hour the train departs from the airport 6 times: at 00, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50/hour.

Hours: from 9 am to 6 pm.

It is planned to extend the schedule in the future.



At Seoul airport there are different taxi companies that operate at the airport. The taxi rank is located in the Arrivals floor (1st floor) of the passenger’s Terminal.


There are various taxi companies that provide service:

- International Taxis - Location: Area 4D

- Deluxe Jumbo Taxi; Yeongjong/Yongyu Taxi - Location: Area 5C

- Seoul Taxi - Location: Area 6C Gyeonggi Taxi - Location: Area 6D

- Incheon Taxi - Location: Area 7C

- Deluxe Taxi - Location: Area 8C


For passengers with special needs, they can book in advance the taxi service with:

- Incheon Taxis. Phone: Call Taxi: 1577 03 20 / Seoul Call Taxi: 1588 43 88


To reach the Seoul City Hall from the airport is about KRW 46,000 in a general cab. Travel time is about 1 hour.


Inter-airport shuttles

There are shuttle buses that connect different parts of the ICN airport.

- Passenger Terminal to/from AICC. Bus stop: 3rd floor, Exit 3, 12

- Passenger Terminal to/from Long-Term Parking Lot. Bus stop: 3rd floor, Exit 3, 12

- After 11 pm: Passenger Terminal to/from the International Business Complex. Bus stop: 3rd floor, Exit 3, 12


Car Rental

Take a look of the different car rental companies that provide service at Seoul airport in the Car Rental online page