Incheon Airport Taxi

Though it is a comfy way of transport, is also the most expensive one to get your way to Seoul, unless you travel in group (3 o 4 persons at least).


Incheon Airport is located 30 miles west of Seoul, that means an average transferring time of between 60 to 70 minutes given the usual traffic conditions in both Incheon and Seoul.


At Seoul Airport there can be found several kinds of taxis: Regular taxis, Back/Deluxe taxis and Jumbo taxis.


For non-Korean travellers is highly recommended to use the International Taxi Service, since fares are low and you can enjoy of flat fares, among other advantages such as no tollgate fees, no midnight surcharge and no fees for luggage… Also the drivers are English-speakers!




If you wish to book a taxi, please exit the airport through Gates 4 to 8, located in Arrivals, first level, and cross the street in order to approach the taxi stands (4D to 8C).




The following taxi companies serve Incheon Airport:

    -International Taxis – Location: Area 4D. +82 1644-2255

    -Deluxe Taxis – Location: Area 8C. +82 02-3431-5100

    -Jumbo Taxi – Location: Area 5C. +82 02-888-2000

    -Grey Taxi: This company has several types of taxis: KindCall (+82 1588-3382), NaviCall (+82 1599-8255), NCall (+82 1688-2255), S Taxi (+82 1577-0115), K-Taxi (+82 02-303-0012), Hana Deluxe Taxi (+82 1588-2255).


For passengers with special needs, please call Incheon Taxi (Location: Area 7C. +82 1577-03-20 / Seoul Call Taxi: +82 1588-43-88).


Opening hours: 24 hours.




Please note that there is a night surcharge (+20% to the initial fare) between midnight and 04.00 am.


For international taxis, flat fares around 55,000 to 75,000 won are applied for destinations around Seoul.


For regular taxis, fares go around 60,000 and 100,00 won for a ride to several destinations around Seoul.



Shared Rides

Shared ride service is available to those who wish to share a ride and pay a flat rate to certain destinations if multiple parties are available for the trip. Apps such as Uber may be useful to do so.

See the available fares below:


    -To Seoul downtown: 105,900 – 137,500 won.

    -To Myeongdong Station: From 113,900 won.

    -To Gangnam Station: From 119,300 won.

    -To Seoul Station: From 108,500 won.