Seoul Airport Parking

At Seoul airport there are different options to park. These are the following ones:


Long-Term Parking

There is a shuttle bus that links with the main terminal.

Buses run every 15 minutes during night hours (from 4am to 6am and from 22pm to 24am) and every 8-10 minutes from 6am to 22pm.

There is a phone contact for passengers with special needs: 032-741-3217.


Valet - Long-Term Parking

It is located at the east of the stops and drop offs in the third floor of the Main Terminal.


Short-Term Parking

It is located in floors B1 (area A/H/C/D), B2 (A/H) and B3.

There are specific parking spaces for SkyTeam passengers and Star-Alliance passengers.

- Skyteam passengers: B1 - A, D; B2 - A

- Star-Alliance members: B1 - H, C; B2 - H