INCHEON Airport Terminal 2

Incheon Terminal 2 began operations on January 2018. It is a five-story terminal up to serve over 18 million passengers a year.


Terminal 2 features for its modern and eco-friendly design, including glass ceiling, which lets natural light fill its facilities, photovoltaic panels on the roof and also vegetation inside the terminal to save energy.


Also technology plays a relevant role: Dozens of self-check-in and smart bag-drop machines are included in order to serve passengers as well as a fleet of robots to help passengers finding their way within the terminal facilities.


Right now, it is just used by Air France, Delta Air Lines, KLM and Korean Air.



Present & future

It is expected that the second stage of the terminal constructions will be completed by 2025, increasing notably the passenger capacity and its size.



Transfer between terminals

You can transfer between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 by the Airport Express, which stands for the rail link connecting both terminals. The fare for transferring from a terminal to other is KRW 600.00. Tickets can be purchased at the AREX station of both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.


On the other hand, it is possible to take the free shuttle bus, which connects Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 and Terminal 2 to Terminal 1. It departs every 5 minutes. Total journey is about 15 up to 20 minutes. Stops: Terminal 1: Gate 8, third level. Terminal 2: Between Gate 4 and 5, third floor.




Incheon Terminal 2 consist of a five-story terminal distributed into the following way:

-First level

-Second level

-Third level

-Fourth level

-Fifth level



Incheon Airport Terminal 2 offers to passengers a wide variety of services, ranging from retail, food, drink and passenger services (parents’ rooms, kid’s playing zone, etc.)




Air France, Delta Air Lines, KLM and Korean Air operate in Incheon Airport Terminal 2. It is expected that further airlines move their operations there.
Airlines in Terminal 2



Airport lounges

See attached below the airport lounges available at Incheon Airport Terminal 2:


-SPC Lounge: This airport lounge is located in the East Wing of Terminal 2, on the 4th level, close to Gate 268. Services available: Free Wi-Fi connection, press, Conference rooms, TV, among others. Opening hours: From Monday to Sunday, 07:00 am to 09:00 pm.


-Lounge L: Location: Airside, in the West Wing of Terminal 2, close to Gate 231, fourth level. Services available: Free Wi-Fi connection, TV, Conference rooms, press, among others. Opening hours: Daily, from 07:00 am to 21:00 pm.


-Matina Lounge: Location: Airside. In order to reach the lounge, you should take the escalator close to Gate 252, fourth level, and cross the bridge. Services available: Free Wi-Fi connection, TV, press, among others. Opening hours: Daily, from 07:00 am to 21:00 pm.  




The Korean Traditional Cultural Experience Centres give the chance to passengers to discover and experience many of the aspects of the Korean culture. A wide range of performances can be seen at the stages located within Terminal 2.


On the other hand, Terminal 2 is filled with art exhibitions, an observation deck, a café and interactive airport-themed activities, including a VR counter.




Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 is equipped with the Transit hotel, which is located in the fourth level, across East and West Wings. It is composed by 96 rooms, showers, Business Center and also personal gym.


For more information, please call: +82 32-742-3000