Seoul Airport Services

Seoul airport - Incheon has the following Services and Facilities available to all passengers:



- Our bank branches - Location: Regular Area 1B.

- KEB, Hana Bank - Location: Regular Area 1B.

- Shinhan Bank - Location: Transportation Center.

- Woori Bank - Location: Public Area 1B.

All of them have foreign currency exchange services, traveler checks and general banking services.


Business Lounges:

- Asiana Hansarang Lounge - General Area 3F

- CIP Lounge - General Area 3F

- Asiana Airlines Lounge - Concourse 4F

- Kal First Lounge - Duty Free Area 4F

- Martina Lounge - Duty Free Area 4F

- Public Lounge - Concourse 4F

- Woori Bank Lounge - Public Area 2F

- SkyHub Lounge - Duty Free Area 4F

- Common Lounge - Duty Free Area 4F


Sauna and Spa, Smoking Room and Hospital Pharmacy are available to all passengers as well. The Hospital is called Inha University Hospital and it is located at the Regular Area 1B.


As a special services and facilities, Seoul airport has a Ice Skating Rink that hosts an Ice Forest and is located in the Transportation Center, 1B.


It also has Cinemas (Transportation Center 1B) and the Oseong Observatory where passengers can enjoy of some interesting views of the airport.


Seoul airport also organises special performances and concerts some days during the year and every day there is a Traditional Royal Procession (4 times/day) located in the Duty Free Area, on the third Floor of the Passenger Area, fourth Floor Korean Cultural Street.


There is a Korean Cultural Museum in the facilities of the Incheon Seoul airport to introduce passengers to the Korean culture and art. The Sky Garden is another attraction at Incheon Airport where passengers can enjoy the park and its nature.


The airport is also equipped with restaurants, bars and cafés, most of them with Internet available, fast food courts, and Duty Free areas.


There is also a Taking Pictures place and Passport, Copy/Fax, a Post Office, Laundry, Hair Shop, Optical Shop, Prayer Room (Duty Free Area 3F), Hotel, Showers, Children’s area and Relax area among other services.